Peer Consulation Team

Being part of a peer consultation team offers many benefits, including:

  • Exchange of ideas between colleagues.
  • Access to peer support.
  • Expanding awareness of personal and professional issues that arise.
  • Support in managing ethical dilemmas.

It also contributes to self-care and can be a protective measure against possible personal/professional distress by having colleagues who look out for one another.

If you are interested in setting up a peer consultation team, below is a link to an article previously published in the North Carolina Psychologist newsletter by Dr. Kristi Webb. In addition, you may also contact the Colleague Assistance Committee at 919/785-3969 for more assistance. How to Set Up A Peer Consultation Team

Finally, the Colleague Assistance Committee offers brief confidential peer consultation to all NCPA members. Click here for more information about this service and how to access it.