Peer Consulation Service

The scope of the peer consultation service includes:

  • Personal well-being issues (ranging from self-care to impairment due to substance use, all as related to providing best practice);
  • Professional stressors as they relate to client/patient work;
  • Management of relationships with colleagues; and
  • Other work setting issues.

Here are some examples of situations in which the CAC’s Peer Consultation Service could be consulted:

A psychologist has been working with a patient for only a couple of weeks. The patient has a history of abandonment, starting at the age of six when his mother dropped him with a babysitter and left town, putting him into the foster care system for many years. After the second session, the patient has a job transfer to a different branch of his company and is now administrative assistant to the psychologist’s wife.

A psychologist is obtaining medical treatment at a local hospital which is expanding into small, rural communities around its hub. One of her clients is a physician who is a specialist in one of those towns, and often brings concerns about the pressure of increasing competition by the local hospital. At some point the psychologist realizes that her physician was the competitor trying to drive her client out of business.

A psychologist is seeing a client who is a trial attorney. He has strong issues of trust regarding women, and has just begun to form a bond with her. He is working specifically on feeling entitled to succeed in life. At some point she realizes his current case is a lawsuit that could cost her husband his job if he wins.

In each of the above scenarios the psychologist will experience stress and possibly distress. The Peer Consultation Service can help by providing supportive listening and suggestions for personal self-care; recommendations that the caller seek additional consultation (perhaps with an attorney, a specialist, or supervisor) when appropriate; and encouragement and resources so that the caller can set up a peer consultation team for him/herself.

There are 3 ways to contact the NCPA Colleague Assistance Committee for peer consultation:

  • Call the NCPA office during regular office hours: (919) 872-1005

  • Leave a message on our Peer Consultation Line: (919) 785-3969
  • Send an email message to [email protected]

A Committee Member will be in contact with you within 24 hours. When contacting the Committee for Peer Consultation, the Committee Member will ask for your name and NCPA member status, but neither this information nor the content of your consultation is communicated to NCPA or to the NC Psychology Board.