Top 10 List of Self-Care Strategies

1. Have realistic expectations about your work and your capabilities

2. Keep intellectually stimulated

3. Take regular planned vacations each year – balance work, rest and play

4. Monitor substance use and/or other processes you may use for relaxation or entertainment (video games, movies, sleep) – Passive forms of coping

5. Engage in proactive activities, e.g., aerobic exercise, spiritual reflection (prayer), mindfulness meditation, hobbies, walking or jogging, playing with cat/dog, humor with friends, frivolous/silly activities (e.g., fun with friends and/or relatives)

6. Become involved in volunteer associations and/or develop a hobby that is not work-related.

7. Colleague and social support – make and maintain professional connections

8. Challenge assumptions about seeking assistance/help

9. Collaborate, e.g., seek consultation when personally or professionally challenged

10. Make self-care a priority!

Adapted from APA’s Advisory Committee on Colleague Assistance by NCPA’s Colleague Assistance Task Force