Warning Signs of Stress/Distress/Impairment

1. Loss of pleasure in your work

2. Depression (change in mood, sleep or appetite disturbance, loss of energy)

3. Poor focus or concentration, memory disruption

4. Anxiety

5. Substance use/abuse or other compulsive behaviors to manage stress (e.g., eating, overspending, sexual adventures)

6. More frequent errors (forgetting to file important documentation, forgetting to return a phone call)

7. Less contact with colleagues

8. Workaholism

9. Persistent thoughts about members and their needs

10. Increased cynicism, over-generalizing negative beliefs

11. Increased isolation from and/or conflict with intimates

12. Chronic irritability, snappishness, impatience

13. Increased reactivity and loss of perspective in work

14. Suicidality

Adapted from APA’s Advisory Committee on Colleague Assistance by NCPA’s Colleague Assistance Task Force